b2 biOil™ environmentally acceptable lubricants were created to address the growing concerns regarding lubricants and their effects on the environment, whether during oil production and/or during the oil’s end-of-life improper disposal with an earth friendly offering that satisfies original equipment manufacturers (OEM) end-users performance demands while meeting the needs of ongoing government regulations and requirements that mandate the procurement and usage of domestically sourced bio-derived products.

Tested and certified as biodegradable, non-bioaccumlative and minimally toxic to aquatic life, the b2 biOil™ biodegradable/bio-derived advanced full synthetic (Synthetic Supreme) environmentally acceptable lubricants are properly positioned to satisfy both end user and OEM performance needs while satisfying government regulation requirements:

Biodegradability Benchmarks
Lubricants that biodegrade to their natural state from 60% onward in 28 days, “readily biodegradable”

Non-Toxicity Benchmarks
Lubricants that are non-toxic to the environment, which can be measured by OECD 201-203 tests for acute toxicity, OECD 210-211 for chronic toxicity or equivalent ASTM D-6064

Renewability Benchmarks
Lubricants with bio-based carbon in excess >25% (in line with EN 16807) as measured by ASTM D-6866.