Sustainable Packaging

Reusable-Recyclable Packaging

Approximately 37.5 million gallons of petroleum oil is dumped into USA landfills each year from the more than 3 billion “used” motor oil bottles trashed with oil residue still left inside. Packaging (including proper disposal) is an incremental cost that does not necessarily has to be passed on to the consumer or customer (end-users). The company is responding to this opportunity with new concepts in motor oil sales and delivery…environmentally sustainable oil delivery or E-SOD.


Direct to the Consumer (Do It Yourself = DIY end-user, representing 15% of the marketplace) and Military/Government 12-pack liters/quarts. The preprinted pouches ships in flat, shipped out filled; and then, with a packaged return address envelope included with shipment (6-pack case), can be returned free of charge to us for re-packaging or our proper disposal.


Direct to the Customer (Do It For Me = DIFM end-user, representing 85% of the marketplace), Quick Lubes and Military/Government 5-gallon HDPE Tote

ECO-TOTE™ is our rendition of a successfully proven direct-store delivery or DSD concept in the water delivery and carbonated beverage industries, but not executed in the installer or quick-lube service provider category that satisfies the DIFM marketplace. The tote will replace today’s 6 Gallon BAG-in-the-BOX concept and the need for installers to purchase bulk or excessive quantities in order to be competitive…especially for those performing between 20-100 oil changes per month looking for a point of differentiation (GREEN) versus larger national branded installers.

Weekly/monthly replenishment and pick-up deliveries will deliver the following benefits to Quick Lube stores and Military/Government locations:

  • REDUCE – Initial out-of-pocket costs, including packaging costs
    will be absorbed though re-use
  • REDUCE – Inventory and product carrying costs
  • REDUCE – Residual left over oil (approximately 0.5 – 1.5%)
  • REDUCE – Installation time to open, drain and disperse of bottles
  • REDUCE – Waste sent to the landfill


Direct to the Customer (Do It For Me = DIFM end-user, representing 85% of the marketplace), Industrial and Military/Government 55-gallon steel drum. ECO-DRUMs are refurbished/re-purposed reconditioned and repainted drums cleaned and prepped for re-use.

ECO-TOTE vs BAG-in-the-BOX

Field tests comparisons uncovered the following differences…

1. Eco Totes eliminate the need to be sent to a landfill

2. Eco Totes are more ergonomic (less weight and easier to handle) and economically preferred and at a cost of $25.00 each, can be reused over and over exhibiting a shelf life of 2 years and growing older as it is much more durable

3. Eco Totes re-purpose any remaining residual left over oil when re-using totes for future deliveries

4. Eco Totes have a rotating spigot, that reduces dripping and yields less loss

5. Eco Totes are clearly marked for accurate dispensing

While clean cardboard can be recycled, cardboard contaminated with oil cannot be!

Sustainable Delivery

Environmentally Sustainable Oil Deliveries = E-SOD

Environmentally sustainable oil deliveries can be separated into two buckets; 1.) Do It Yourself or “DIY” (roughly 15% of the market); and, 2.) Do It For Me or “DIFM” (representing approximately 85% of the market), which is dominated by fast lube operators including the likes of Jiffy Lube and Walmart’s Tire, Lube and Express (TLE). This market represents an $11.0 billion marketplace with over 33,646 locations (CAGR = 5.0%). Whereas Walmart’s TLE will service upwards to 500,000+ vehicles per week, the target for the BRANDED fast lube operators is anywhere between 30-40 cars per day with the smaller “mom & pops” locations servicing around 10 vehicles per day. Profit margins are tight (15.2%), so inventory expenses as well as space to warehouse are huge concerns for our targeted customers within this DIFM service category.
We can deliver on-site to fast lube operator’s locations as well as direct to consumers (plenty of margin to include shipping and handling for consumer orders). We charge for the oil + a deposit for the container (just like in the carbonated beverage or water industry) and deduct/re-bill moving forward…so, the operator is only paying for continuous packaging once; and, we reduce the amount of bottles/cardboard with oil in and absorbed from going to a landfill. Remember, 35,000,000 gallons per year; and, as you have read, just one gallon can contaminate a million gallons of fresh water. Plus, we reduce our own packaging costs by reusing what we retrieve.