New Pre-Treatment Process


Biodiesel Processors

thin1We offer fully automated, state of the art, compact biodiesel processors – the Denami 600 & the Denami 3000. The units have proven to be a reliable and cost-effective method to produce quality B100 biodiesel from a wide variety of feedstock. -more-

Unique Business Model

thin2Our clients benefit from a unique business model, which is comparable to the support provided in the fast food business by the Franchisor.  From the beginning, Methes provides its clients with comprehensive support and assistance throughout all of the steps involved in setting up their facility.. -more-

Biodiesel Production

thin3As a low cost biodiesel producer and marketer, Methes Energies offers top-grade B100 biodiesel. As a registered foreign producer with the EPA, you can generate EPA compliance RINs. In addition, we anticipate completing our registration to become a BQ9000 Producer and Marketer by summer 2014. -more-

A Different Mindset about Competition!

Most biodiesel producers think of other biodiesel producers as competitors. We don’t see it that way! Many producers have failed not because of lack of demand for their biodiesel but because of lack of experience. If you don’t master every aspect of the business you will fail - we’ve seen it so many times. 

At Methes we welcome the opportunity to share with other biodiesel producers our experience including the good moves and the bad ones. As our network expands we see new challenges every day and working as a team to fix them gives us the opportunity to get there faster and cheaper. Going at it alone is not the solution. The problem you are dealing with today might be the one we were dealing with yesterday!

Give us a call and the chance to see how we can help you with your challenges. No cost in doing that and remember that we don’t believe in having to “beat” someone else to achieve our goals!


Business Streamlining Software

SoftwareHow can you prove that a RIN or tax credit is properly generated? As a biodiesel producer registered with the EPA, we learned quickly that documenting and tracking feedstock is the key to complying with the EPA, IRS and LCFS regulations.

We have developed a set of best practices for biodiesel producers and a software package that not only manages all your day to day accounting tasks, but also tracks all your feedstock from the procurement to manufacturing to sales and delivery. -more-


thin1Methes Energies International Ltd is a publicly traded company listed on NASDAQ under the symbol “MEIL”. You can visit our Investor Relations section for more information. You can also review the latest news about the company -here-


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