Pretreatment Solution

PP-MEC Catalyst

PP-MEC is a highly reactive liquid catalyst. Unlike the commonly used acids for esterification, PP-MEC is non-corrosive and suitable for a one-step esterification and trans-esterification biodiesel production process.

A Simple Yet Revolutionary Process


  1. Low reaction times - 5-15 minutes
  2. High FFA feedstock - Up to 70% FFA
  3. Low yield loss
  4. Simple and easy to operate
  5. Non Corrosive materials
  6. Able to process high wax and paraffin feedstock
  7. Noticeable color change in corn oil feedstock
Lower Catalyst Costs

Whether you are a producer using virgin feedstock without pretreatment or other feedstock with pretreatment, we can lower your overall catalyst cost by 8-10%.

Other Value Add Benefits
  1. Higher Grade Crude Glycerin with no soaps. Easier to refine.
  2. Non Corrosive. Hardware lasts longer and lowers your maintenance costs
  3. True Multi-Feedstock process that expands your feedstock procurement options.
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