Our team of consultants and strategic partners offer consulting, operational and troubleshooting services, covering every aspect and phase of a biodiesel project, as well as biodiesel production. We offer practical solutions based on real-life experiences.

From plant design and management, our team will assist in identifying the expansion solution tailored to your current facility, or additional equipment requirements, such as a pre-treatment and post-treatment system.

There is no short cut in running an efficient and profitable biodiesel business.

The decisions you make today about your biodiesel project will have a long lasting impact. The reliability of a familiar team, for example, is paramount to ensure a successful and rewarding business! From the initial step of looking at your project, our team will continue verifying that you are on the right track, and, consequently, set up for success.

Troubleshooting Services

Are you struggling with an equipment or production issue? Are you looking for someone to take a close look at your challenges from an “outside of the box” perspective?

At Methes Energies, we have built an excellent reputation for one simple reason: We believe in excellence and strive for it in everything we do. With almost a decade of experience covering all of the aspects of biodiesel production, our team can help adjust your efforts to improve efficiency and maximize your production capacity.

Contact us and let’s talk about your project – there is no cost for that!