Biodiesel Processors

We offer fully automated, compact biodiesel processors – the Denami 600 & the Denami 3000. The units have proven to be a reliable and a cost-effective method to produce quality B100 biodiesel from a variety of feedstock.

Our processors come in two sizes and can produce up to 1.3M gallons (5M liters) and 6.5M gallons (25M liters) respectively per year of ASTM quality biodiesel. Because of its small footprint and unique modular design, the Denami 600 and the Denami 3000 make it easy to increase your production. You can start small and add additional units to your site later – “smart growth” is also an important ingredient of any successful business!

The Denami’s are a “fast-to-market” solution. Manufacturing time is only 16-20 weeks!

Methes Energies offers 3 distinct methods to become involved in the ASTM quality biodiesel production business. At the center of each solution is the Denami biodiesel processor.

     1 – “Pipe‐to‐Pipe” solution

Ideal for individuals/corporations/municipalities with experience in the biodiesel/oil and gas industry, some of which may already be heavy diesel users. This solution provides for a Denami biodiesel processor, as well as an environmental checklist, lab equipment, in addition to an overseeing of the installation, commissioning, training, ongoing support and maintenance via an annual service agreement.

     2 – Turn‐key “Production Line” solution

Once your site has been selected and approved for the production and storage of biodiesel, Methes will work with you to set up your location including: the environmental checklist, lab equipment, overseeing of the installation of storage tanks, pipes, truck / railcar loading facility and a Denami biodiesel processor. This solution is ideal for individuals/corporations with limited experience in the biodiesel production business, looking to jump start production starting at 1.3M gallons per year (5M liters per year) of biodiesel.

     3 – Turn‐key “Facility” solution

This option is a true turn‐key solution. You tell us where you want your plant to be located and our team will go to work to deliver an operating biodiesel production facility. Starting with an existing building or selecting to build a new one, our team of experts will turn‐over the key to the front door of your completed project, once it is running and producing ASTM quality biodiesel. This is a great option for individuals/corporations looking for a “no hassle” solution.


Denami 600 Denami 3000
Capacity 1.3 MGY (5 MLY/4600 MT/YR) 6.5 MGY (25 MLY/23,000 MT/YR)
Continuous Flow Yes Yes
Multi Feedstock Yes Yes
Fully Automated Yes Yes
Real-Time Online Monitored Yes (24/7) Yes (24/7)
Certification will be code compliant based on location ASME Section VIII, ASME B31.3, CRN, NEC & CSA Electrical Codes ASME Section VIII, ASME B31.3, CRN, NEC & CSA Electrical Codes
Construction Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Foot Print 16’ X 11’ X 16’
4.88 m X 3.35 m X 4.88 m
22’ X 16.5’ X 22′
6.7 m X 4.88 m X 6.7 m
Modular & Scalable Yes Yes
Lifetime Warranty and Maintenance Optional Annual Service Agreement Optional Annual Service Agreement
Delivery Time Approx. 16 weeks Approx. 16 weeks
Quality Testing before Delivery Yes Yes
On-Site Training Yes Yes
Remote Access Via Table & Smart Phone Via Table & Smart Phone
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